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Hi, this topic is for an admin request on the server. An admin request is a task for one who is willing to manage players looking for misbehavior, racism, cheating and hacks present on the server, volunteering for this task as administrator consists of having a responsibility and trust the use of Commands on the server. Which the norm for this task is only to manage the players in case of help, harassment and activity on the server.

To create an admin request on one of our servers, you must accept the conditions below, read carefully these rules because if a point is not being fulfilled will be delete the rank:


1- It is important to know that there are certain commands like !kick, !ban and some that must be used in emergency cases, which is not allowed to abuse it and everything you write during the game will be recorded in our database with date of today, these commands will only be used if you have evidence of this. For this you need the player data and create a report in our forums to be investigated and then proceed to create prevention measures.

2- It is not allowed to use spam commands to do anything that does not come from the regulation.

3- Any player can report to other players using !report, it is important to take care of the help of the players for extreme reasons of hacks, macros and cheats in the server.

4- It is important to get the data of the players using !client or !last if necessary to see the most important and if so, make a report.

5- If a player insults or create problem to other player seriously (Not joke if is verified), it is important to warn him several times using the !say command, if the player reacts with threats to you, immediately create a report of that player and then kick him out of the server with !kick and return the player and react again, will be cause for temporary ban. If it is of maximum level as the use of traps will be cause of permanent ban.

6- If a player asks you for admin powers, you can not react with expelling him or ignoring him, no, answering the player that "we can not give powers".

7- If the server does not load the following map or the game has been blocked, type !rotate to force the map change or !restart to restart the map again.

8- To keep the rank of admin, you must have activity on the server and in the community, the rank will expire if you give up the activity or you are no longer in the community or if you change your name to another name. If you leave the community for family reasons or vacations, you only have to create a topic in discursions about your absence. You can also keep your rank by providing our servers and bringing more players.

10- Non-members can create the admin request without the need to appear as an official member.
Apart from the rules, you must met all of these requirements:



1- Report players if you have broken a rule, avoid major problems.

2- Minimum 18 years, less than the minimum will not be possible.

3- Knowledge and experience on the use of the moderator.


1- Contribute to the forum, gathering positive valorations from the members.

2- Help solve problems of players, report players if they have broken a rule and report bugs present on the server (also their activity).

3- Minimum 18 years, less than the minimum will not be possible.

4- 100% trust of all administrators and members, a majority or the approval of the staff.

5- Knowledge and experience on the use of admin.



- Regular (Free, with !register will be assigned to any player or member)

- Moderator (For members & non-members, the rank will be assigned once the request is approved)

- Admin (For members & non-members, this rank will be assigned once the request is approved)

- Full Admin (For members & non-members, this rank will be assigned only for members who have more than 1 month as admin following the protocol of our application and the rules + activity on the 24 hours)

- Senior Admin (For advanced members & moderators, this rank will only be assigned to advanced members of the forum with a lot of experience of super administrator jobs)



IMPORTANT: The new system of bans (SmartBan or Simple Ban List) requires all moderators and administrators to use the appropriate ban duration following the general rule 'Punishments and types of penalties' (You will find it in our general rules). Any use of any inappropriate ban duration, we will proceed to delete the permissions immediately.

The users with permissions will have more power to add custom ban duration, the ban duration is limited per permissions. The ban duration is only available for the commands !ban and !tempban. For an undefined ban, it is necessary to have the absolute permission of a administrator with high level.

- Moderator (Ban duration minimum is of 1 second to 30 minutes)

- Admin (Ban duration minimum is of 1 second to 1 days)

- Full Admin (Ban duration minimum is of 1 second to 7 days)

- Senior Admin (Ban duration minimum is of 1 second to 14 days)



To request the position of admin you need to fill this template with your data in a new topic:


1- *Name/nickname: <Name>
2- *Age: <Age>
3- *Country/city: <Country>
4- *Type of game: <Answer>
5- *Server: <Type>
6- *Why apply for the permission? <Answer>
7- With the permission of admin, what tasks will you perform daily? <Answer>
8- With the permission of admin, what will you do if any player gets in trouble? <Answer>
9- With the permission of admin, are you able to provide the server? <Answer>
10- With the permission of admin, you are able to help the other players? <Answer>
11- With the permission of admin, you are able to keep the server clean and free of incidents? <Answer>
12- With the permission of admin, do you accept the conditions the use of the rank? <Answer>


It is recommended to complete all the fields to gather detailed information, with them it facilitates us to accept the request. Once the application is created, we will confirm that everything is correct, we will give you the rank in few minutes once is approved. The nick you entered in the template should be the same as the nick you have in the game currently, if you change your nickname or lose the key you will lose the rank with the opportunity to retrieve it. Save your password in case you format the PC or delete the configuration of your game.

REMEMBER: The use of the charge is under your responsibility and is not allowed to breach the rules as much as in the community, review these rules again because every time we refresh. Any error made during the online game will be sanctioned with the elimination of the rank with the opportunity to recover it if necessary.

Eso es todo, atentamente, Rotola.

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