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Unban request [English]

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Hello, this template is an example for you to fill in these fields. We will verify that you have read the general rules of the community/servers to continue, otherwise your ban will be longer extended and even undefined.


IMPORTANT: The field number #4 (Specify your GUID/UID of the game: ...) is necessary so that the staff can investigate thoroughly, if you leave it blank, the administrators will search for it later.

IMPORTANT: The request template must be with all the data correctly (No false data and copies of other requests or the request will be deleted and the duration of ban will be extended), if you create another request in case of inappropriate format or by accident, it will be determined if is a copy of another application or duplicate before proceeding, otherwise it will be hidden or deleted.



- Questions with asterisk (*) are obligatory, (optional) are

- Answering all the questions will be easy to approve the
  unban request.

- Not is allowed adding false data, since we are going to investigate thoroughly, otherwise this request will be ignored and the possibility of extending the ban time.

1- *Name/nickname (currently in use): <Name>
2- *Age: <Age>
3- *Country/city: <Country>
4- (opcional) Specify your GUID/UID of the game: <Answer>
5- *Type of game: <Answer>
6- *Server: <Type>
7- *Are you from any clan? <Answer>
8- *Specify the reason for the ban: <Answer>
9- *Have you broken the rules? Which are? <Answer>
10- *Add the necessary information to convince staff to delete the ban: <Answer>

Eso es todo, atentamente. Rotola

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