MEMBER REQUEST] Kokkinos [Denied]

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1- *Name/nickname: <Stauros/PeekaBoo>
2- *Age: <20>
3- *Country/city: <Greece>
4- *Name of Discord (example: username#1995): <PeekaBoo#6721>
5- (optional) Specify your game GUID/UID for the protection of your nick: <61cb579f>
6- (optional) What are your hobbies/sports? <Gym(strongman)>
7- (optional) What are your favorite games? <Cod4,PUBG,Leauge of Legends>
8- *What are your reasons why you want to join this community? <i like the company and synergy between you guyz and i hope to be a part of it >
9- (optional) Are you Modder/Mapper who are advised to create mods and maps? <No>
10- (optional) Which game do you use the most (CoD, Minecraft, GTA, etc...)? <Cod4,League of Legends>
11- (optional) Are you on our servers for more than 2 months? <maybe like 2 years but not in the same profile>
12- (optional) What are the servers in this community you play the most? <DeathRun and zombie>
13- (optional) Do you have a job and tell the world of work? <Party time job as customer >
14- *Are you from any previous clan/community ? <Yes i was in Or clan >
15- *Do you accept the terms of use, general rules and join as member? <Im trying on it i will be more carefull about my behavior (i respect all rules btw)>

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