[MEMBER REQUEST] >Alicool< [Approved]

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1- Name/nickname: <>Alicool<>

2- Age: <19>

3- Country/city: <Israel>

4- Name of Discord: <>Alicool<#5688> 

5- What are your hobbies/sports? <workout, play guitar, gaming>

6- What are your favorite games? <Rocket League, Call of Duty 4>

7- What are your reasons why you want to join this community? <I have a lot of free time, and I love playing on this server and I love the community, I would like to be a bigger part of Zsever because it's become a big part of me. I play every single day!>

8- Are you Modder/Mapper who are advised to create mods and maps? <No>

9- Which game do you use the most? <Cod4, Rocket League too>

10- Are you on our servers for more than 2 months? <Yes>

11- What are the servers in this community you play the most? <Zsever deathrun>

12- Do you have a job and tell the world of work? <I'm a barista in a coffee shop, I love making coffee and I love making customers happy!>

13- Are you from any previous clan/community? <I've been in FNRP from 2013 till around 2018>

14- Do you accept the terms of use, general rules and join as member? <Yes>

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Hello Alicool, welcome on our website. 🙂

Thanks for creating member request.


My vote +1 for you and good luck bro. 

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