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Donate here: CLICK ME!

Information & rules (English only):

1.- Respect our rules.
It is very important to respect all general rules for use this benefit, to get more information, click HERE. All activity is registered in our databases and we can get more information about your statistics.

2.- Don't abuse the VIP menu.
Not is allowed abuse this tool for the use of abilities, tools, objects, etc. If you abuse, you can lost the menu.

3.- Possible problems about your VIP menu.
If you have problems about your menu, please read the next informations:

  • Your GUID has been changed by database from CoD4X/Steam, is needed check your GUID and upgrade the new GUID to restore or get the VIP menu. You can check your GUID with this command: !checkg
  • PC formatted, game reinstalled or all data are included in the file mpdata, is needed check your GUID and upgrade the new GUID to restore or get the VIP menu. You can check your GUID with this command: !checkg
  • Bug from VIP menu, if you get a possible bug about from VIP menu, please report us the bug to be fix it.


4.- What is the price.
The price of this benefit is 5 EURO (€),
If you want to keep the VIP menu, the price is 5 EURO/month.

5.- How to send a request and payment.

It is important. To pay this benefit, you must send a private message clicking HERE with the following information:


1- *Nickname (From Game): <Name>
3- *Amount: <Amount>
4- *Server: Death Run
5- *Why request for the VIP menu? <Answer>
6- *How long will you keep the VIP menu? <Answer>
7- *With the VIP menu, do you accept the conditions using the VIP menu? <Answer>

REQUIRED: Once the request template has been submitted, you must donate the VIP menu via PayPal. Click HERE to payment. Once the payment is complete, you must wait until the staff verify your request template & the donation. Once verified, you will get the benefit.


6.- Important information about the data protection law and payment terms.
It is important read all the next information about the data protection law and payment terms to prevent future problems:

  • You need to have a PayPal account associated with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, etc).
  • You need to have enough money to complete and verify the payment.
  • If your payment has not been verified, have a look that your information is correct.
  • If your data has not been verified in 1 week or more, we give you back your money.
  • It is not allowed to publish your PayPal account data on any site due to the data protection law & security reasons, please read the terms and conditions of PayPal by clicking HERE.
  • If you have under 18 years old, is required a parental consent and permission to continue payment.
  • If you are responsible for your actions to continue with the payment, we are not responsibles about it however, you can be helped from a friend or family who you knows and understand about how to pay it.


7.- How to renew your VIP menu.
Repeat the point 5 with the same data and payment.


8.- What is the content.
Contents of the VIP Menu:

  • Spawn all (3 times)
  • Be a dog
  • Fire trail
  • Increase meleerange
  • Pick a ability (Water bullets, Double Tap, Double Health, Life, Mine)
  • Pick a weapon (P90, Deagle, Ray Gun, R700, MP5, Brick Gun, M40A3, RPG, RPD, M40A3 Assassin, Ak47, Ray Gun Mark II, Weapon Pack)
  • Quick responses (Talk say messages)
  • Activator quick responses (Talk say messages for activator)
  • Laser
  • Tracer
  • Get XP (4000 XP per time, limit is 5 times, 6 Lvl Prestige maximum)
  • Visions (Promod, Purple, Chrome, Cartoon, Rainbow, Normal)
  • Bonus XP Boost on round ended


Kind Regards, Rotola

Eso es todo, atentamente, Rotola.

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