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    messed with some configuration of mine, the game is not normal for me or it was accuracy, mobility . I need you to check it, thank you
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    you need to send some pics this isnt helping us help you
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    We need more details about what problems you are facing in cod4 screenshots/videos anything would be good with a bit explaination about the problems so we can check out and sort it out for you
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    Hello boys, I found some commands to increase your FPS in CoD4: seta cg_fov 80 (Can increase FPS changing field of view FOV, in theory change the vision scale, to PC not very powerfull, by defauilt is 65) seta com_maxFPS 125 (set max FPS) seta r_drawSun 0 (Disable sun) seta r_drawWater 0 (Disable water animation) seta r_aaAlpha 0 (Disable anti-aliasing, this can increase more FPS) seta sm_enable 0 (Disable shadows) seta r_multiGPU 1 (Allow connect two or more GPU, in this case with AMD Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI, this can increase FPS) seta rate 25000 (To good connection) seta cl_maxpackets 100 (This can help you with your FPS and the connection, by default is 30) seta cg_drawFPS 1 (Show FPS) seta cg_drawLagometer 1 (Show lagometer, this can help you to detect lag, low connection) Enjoy 🙂
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    u still with that ping?
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    Thanks @locura1975 for best fps ❤️ :)
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    http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/4fc1e5dba3469 Here is cfg for best fps
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    1- BEFORE STARTING THE PING IT IS BELOW 220 WHEN THE GAME STARTS IT IS ABOVE 400 PING. 2- I can't send a message in the game, someone must have laughed