Auto restore rank (Death Run)


Hello everyone, according to the next update you can reset the ranks and levels in the Death Run and maybe Death Run profiles and statistics.

We have opened a case of research on the problem of ranks and problems that are currently unsolved. For the next update there may also be problems of this type and we are trying to fix this.

For this we are going to install a service of auto restore rank during the 24 hours, this service will end when the next update is available.

The objective of this service is:

  • Save the progress of your rank during the game
  • Save the rank and level
  • Save the experience

IMPORTANT: You must be on the server so that your rank is saved in our database.

When the update is ready for the server, you can restore your rank using the !restorerank command if you lost the rank.

REMEMBER: This service is only applied in Death Run server

If the command !restorerank not work for you? Is possible that you was moved to other PC, hard disk drive different, PC formatted or OS reinstalled. You can restore manually sending me a restore rank request manually. To more details click HERE.

It is important. To restore rank lvl, you must send a private message clicking HERE with the following information:


- Questions with asterisk (*) are obligatory, (optional) are

- Use the command !checkg in the game chat to get the GUID/UID.

- Is necessary to add the data correctly with all the
  details, adding false data is not allowed, otherwise the rank lvl
  will not be restored or even you will be banned from the server.

1- *Nickname used for last time: <Name>
2- *Specify your game GUID/UID: <GUID/UID>
3- *What is your rank lvl before? <Rank Id>
4- *What is your prestige rank before (If you have not prestige yet, write to 0)? <Prestige Id>
5- *What are your version of CoD4:MW recently? <Answer>
6- *What are your reason why you lost the rank lvl? <Answer>
7- *How long have you been playing since you lost the rank lvl? <Answer>
7- (optional) What are the date/time that you lost the rank lvl (format: 01-01-2019 18:00)? <Answer>
8- (optional) What are your OS version (Windows 7, Ubuntu 12-04, etc...)? <Answer>